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Flush Double Glazed Doors

In response to the current market trend, not only are we offering flush, double glazed doors, manufactured in the UK, we will also customise them to your requirements.

Our standard doors, like the one shown here, are available to be installed into any frame designed for side hung butt-hinges.  We use Royd & Tucker H101, Hi-load lift off hinges, due to the weight of the doors and superb quality in the hinges, and they make installation effortless.

Our curved offset dee handles are manufactured to our own design, but the doors can be made to suit any handle normally fitted to timber doors.

The door design incorporates the following design features:

In addition to the standard offering, we also have an industry leading high performance door, which achieves 44dB(Rw).

Please contact Dave Roberts or Dominic Meakins to discuss your requirements.

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Flush glazed door with curved pull handle